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Did you know that SNOW is run by volunteer busy school nurses 

JUST like YOU?!?

PLEASE consider stepping up to help!

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2015 Elections!

President Elect- Nicole Klein

Vice President- Anne McGavran

Secretary- Jeanne Dowling

Public Relations Standing Committee Chair- Dawn Epler

Area 1 Representative- Lynn Grubb

Area 5 Representative- Candra Cook

Area 7 Representative- Laurie Moyer

Area 9 Representative- Phyllis Fries

We are still in need of the following positions: 

Legislative Standing Committee Chair

 Area Representatives: 2B and 3


All of the above positions are 2 year commitments. 
Information about the specific roles can be found in the operating guidelines (see left side of screen once you are signed in to the SNOW website) under Section II Officers, Section VI Board of Directors, and Section VII Standing Committees. 

Please contact Anne McGavran (current VP & nominating committee chair) at with any questions or if you would like to volunteer!

SNOW supports school nurses in the delivery of health services designed to improve the health and academic success of students. (August, 2011)

Vision Statement:

SNOW will be the united, inclusive, proactive organization, which works collaboratively to assure quality school health services.
SNOW will:
·         Support all school nurses in their individual practice
·         Facilitate collaboration and interaction among members, other professional organizations and community agencies
Professional growth is vital to professional excellence:
THUS, SNOW will:
·         Provide educational opportunities by sponsoring classes, conferences, and interdisciplinary meetings;
·         Be proactive in continuing legislative activity that increases statewide understanding of school issues to influence state and national budgeting for optimal school nursing practice, which includes defined caseloads.
Active SNOW membership will be self-energizing and will translate into personal and professional growth and enthusiasm
SNOW will:
·         Support research in the field of school nursing



 Strength in Numbers: A NASN Member-to-Member Campaign
NASN members recognize how NASN’s resources and opportunities benefit career and school health programs.  Day to day, they connect with prospective members at work and through professional networks.  A word-of-mouth marketing campaign is a great way to promote the growth of an organization.  By tapping into your professional networks and encouraging others to engage with NASN, you are strengthening the national and local voice of school nursing and keeping students healthy and academically successful. 
Link to informational flyer: Strength in Numbers 


Need information about when to keep kids in at school? Here are are some links to help make that decision:

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