Board of Directors

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Amy Norton

Vice President
Liz Pray

Melanie Donahue

Camai Catlin

NASN Director
Lynn Nelson

Past President
Nicole Klein

Committee Chairs

Budget Committee
Past President
Vice President

Standing Committee Representative to the Executive Committee
Tessa McIlraith

Area Representative to the Executive Committee
Dawn Fox

Tessa McIlraith

Alma McNamee

Professional Development

Christi Bristow

Area Representatives

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Area 1: Lynn Grubb

Area 2A: Sandy Bacerdo

Area 2B: Sonja Bookter

Area 3: Melanie Donahue

Area 4: Amy Frost

Area 5: Lynn Anderson

Area 6: Lanea Cate

Area 7 Co-chairs:
Stephanie Breckon

Area 8: Kate Hetzer

Area 9: Taylor Mason

Area 10: Dawn Fox


Sub Committee Chairs

Awards: Gabriela Guel 

Clock Hours: Lisa Huggins

College Credits: Laurie Moyer

Conferences: Kris Harper 

Continuing Education: Cheryl Sampson

Media/Public Relations: Annie Hetzel

Membership: Liz Pray

Nominations: Liz Pray

Research: Cathy Meuret

Scholarship: Lorali Gray

School Nurse Practice: Dawn Fox

Webmaster/Mercantile: Alicia Low & Allison Hahn


NBCSN Liaison: Rebecca Cavanaugh

OSPI Health Services Manager: Nicole Klein