Get Involved

Why should you volunteer?

Did you know that SNOW is run by volunteer SNOW members who are busy school nurses just like you? Please consider stepping up to help. Come make a difference to school nursing in Washington State!

You are likely questioning your ability to dedicate your time as you weigh the demands of your job and personal responsibilities but serving as a volunteer board member is a valuable, rewarding experience that will strengthen your professional skills.

Consider the following benefits of pursuing one of the above opportunities to serve as a board member.

Strengthen Leadership Skills.  

Your participation will give you the opportunity to strengthen your ability to engage & motivate others in pursuit of goals that shape school nursing in Washington.

Build Relationships.

By serving as a board member, you will increase your network of contacts & deepen your relationships with school nursing peers, creating opportunities for collaboration that will have a lasting impact.

Think Strategically.

As a volunteer leader, you will gain expertise in discerning how to best contribute strategic, proactive support to the overarching issues of school health, such as advocacy and best practices.

Reap the Rewards.  

The greatest reward for serving as a volunteer board member is the satisfaction that your time was well spent, that you learned something new & helped make a difference for school nursing.

Don’t have experience?  Not to worry!  None is needed or expected!  New board members are oriented and mentored by seasoned members. Serving on the board is a great way to learn and grow in your role as a school nurse surrounded by an extremely understanding group of people that get how hard we work every day.

Want to know more? Information about the specific roles can be found in the operating guidelines under Section II Officers, Section VI Board of Directors, and Section VII Standing Committees. You can also contact Liz Pray, Vice President and Nominating Committee Chair with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering!

Volunteers Needed

Upcoming Election Positions and Volunteer Opportunities


The President-Elect is a preparatory role to become the President of SNOW. The President-Elect works closely with the current President to coordinate the business of the organization in order to assume leadership and to provide continuity in the transition to President. The President of SNOW functions as the Chief Executive Officer, presiding over the Board of Directors and Committees to ensure the mission and goals of SNOW are being met.

The President-Elect is a 4-year commitment: one year as President-Elect, two years as President, and one year as Past President.

Legislative Standing Committee Chair

The Legislative Chair oversees the Legislative Committee which is charged with:

  • Monitoring legislation & public policy initiatives pertaining to the health education/welfare of youth & their families.
  • Supporting and influencing local, state, and federal legislation and public policy initiatives favorable to the health education and welfare of children, youth, and their families.
  • Monitoring, supporting and influencing legislation favorable to school nursing and other fields of nursing.
  • Promoting the role and effectiveness of school nursing in the public policy arena.
  • Building skills and effectiveness of members to influence public policy at the local, state and federal level.

The Legislative Chair provides leadership to accomplish the above committee objectives. In this role, the Legislative Chair keeps a pulse on relative legislation, communicates this information to the board and SNOW members and works within the system on actions required to support school health services, school nursing and the welfare of children

The Legislative Chair is a 2-year commitment.

Areas Representative

Area Representatives are the backbone of SNOW! SNOW is divided into 10 regional areas that have a Representative (or two in the case of an area with greater than 25% of the total membership). Area Representatives are responsible for organizing at least three meetings a year in their Area and attending the SNOW Board meetings. Area Representatives are voting members of the Board of Directors. Additional responsibilities include participating on the Nominations Committee, soliciting nominations for awards, communicating with nurses in the area they represent, and participating on task forces or ad hoc committees. You will be networking with nurses from your area and all around the state, adding your voice to SNOW issues and staying informed about school nursing at the local, state and national levels.

The Area Representative is a 2-year commitment.

Area Representatives needed in these Areas:

  • Area 2A & B (King County)
  • Area 3 (Clallam, Jefferson & Kitsap County)
  • Area 4 (Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston Counties)
  • Area 5 (Clark, Cowlitz, part of Klickitat, part of Pacific, Skamania & Wahklakum County)
  • Area 7 (Adams, Ferry, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Spokane a& Whitman County)
  • Area 9 (Chelan, Douglas, Grant & Okanogan County)