About SNOW

School Nurse Organization of Washington (SNOW) is a non-profit professional organization started in 1956. 

Mission Statement

SNOW supports school nurses in the delivery of health services designed to improve the health and academic success of students. (August, 2011)

Vision Statement

SNOW will be the united, inclusive, proactive organization, which works collaboratively to assure quality school health services.

SNOW will:

Support all school nurses in their individual practice;
Facilitate collaboration and interaction among members, other professional organizations and community agencies.

Professional growth is vital to professional excellence.

THUS, SNOW will:

Provide educational opportunities by sponsoring classes, conferences, and interdisciplinary meetings;
Be proactive in continuing legislative activity that increases statewide understanding of school issues to influence state and national budgeting for optimal school nursing practice, which includes defined caseloads.

Active SNOW membership will be self-energizing and will translate into personal and professional growth and enthusiasm.

SNOW will: Support research in the field of school nursing.


To strive for improved school nursing services fostering higher standards and increased availability of health services thereby enhancing the health status of the school community thus strengthening the educational process.

To serve as a liaison and resource for educational and standard setting programs toward certification of school nurses in the educational setting.

To provide opportunities for school nurses to exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems and encourage professional growth and unity.

To facilitate communication among school nurses and other organizations and agencies concerned with health and education.

To provide leadership and consultation to colleges developing and maintaining programs and pathways promoting the specialty of school nursing.