Offer Clock Hours

To offer Clock Hours through the School Nurse Organization of Washington (SNOW), please follow these steps.

  1. Complete a course approval form for each in-service using the Clock Hour Approval Form.
  2. Take accurate attendance at the in-service.
  3. The contact time only covers educational in-services, not administrative or planning meetings. The minimum cumulative number of hours for the year must be 3.0.
  4. Let the Clock Hours Chair know how many Clock Hour Forms you will need so they can be sent to you.
  5. Collect the checks for the number of hours earned ($3 per clock hour) before signing the participants' forms with your name.
  6. Send the following documents to the Clock Hours Chair when you have completed the in-service.
    1. Copy of all clock hour forms (paper or electronic)
    2. Clock Hour Approval Form (see above)
    3. Clock Hour Sign-in form
    4. Professional Development
    5. Professional Development Evaluation form for each participant

The program must be at least 3 hours long to offer clock hours or a minimum of 3 hours for the year. One hour equals 60 minutes of contact time. Meals must be subtracted from the total time, unless there is a presentation during a meal. This is required to assure we are in compliance for issuing continuing education clock hours.

A SNOW member must be present at the in-service to collect money and complete these steps in order for SNOW to provide clock hours.

Please mail required forms to and/or contact the Clock Hours Chair if you have questions.
Lisa Huggins
916 43rd St NW
Tulalip, WA 98271-6827