Strength in Numbers

The Strength in Numbers member-to-member initiative, is now NASN Strong. This initiative enables SNOW/NASN members to earn $10 in NASN e-commerce credits for each new member referred. Credits can be used towards dues renewal payments, NASN annual conference registration, and purchases in the NASN bookstore.

SNOW/NASN members recognize how resources and opportunities offered by SNOW and NASN benefit career and school health programs. Day to day, members connect with prospective members at work and through professional networks. A word-of-mouth marketing campaign is a great way to promote the growth of an organization. By tapping into your professional networks and encouraging others to engage with NASN, you are strengthening the national and local voice of school nursing and keeping students healthy and academically successful.

SNOW/NASN members are more influential than they know! Learn more about the NASN Strong initiative and start earning your appreciation today!